Sage Intacct Advantage 2018

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Sage Intacct Advantage conference in Nashville, Tennessee. This was my third Advantage and I am lucky to have a company like SSi Consulting that believes strongly in attending these events and participating in the Sage Intacct community. I am no stranger to conferences put on by software manufacturers, having spent the last 20 years working with companies to help them select and implement accounting systems. Sage Intacct hands down gets my vote as the strongest and most generous community that I have participated in over these 20 years.

Why is the community so great?

1. Professional – this group of individuals from the customers, the partners, the 3rd party (IVS) vendors to the Sage Intacct staff are not only professional but curious. They are curious about how they can help you and how their experiences and mistakes can make your journey better. Time after time, when I met a new person at the conference, we ended up discussing a challenge and information was freely exchanged. I love this about the conference!

2. Smart – People are using this product in ways that the developers never expected or intended but it is so flexible that customers are stretching the limits of what it can do. Both Arron Harris, Senior VP of Engineering and Technology and Dan Miller, VP of Product stated in their sessions that ideas for development are moving quickly and being added to the development list because customers are suggesting and using the product in ways that Sage Intacct never expected. The idea exchange on the Intacct Community makes for interesting reading and if you do post a question there, you are sure to get ideas from all sources. It could be your competition, it could be your partner (VAR), or it could be another savvy customer with a similar business that helps you out. I love the open sharing of ideas!

3. Learning – With Sage Intacct releasing new updates each quarter and new product like the new Budget and Forecasting Tool, the new Report Writer and more, there is never a shortage of things to learn when at the conference. The combination of industry experts, customer, and partner experiences, hand on sessions and the Sage Intacct Roadmap of new things coming is both inspiring and educational. I can’t wait until the new AI functionality comes out!

4. Friendly – Conferences can be a bit intimidating particularly if it is your first one or you don’t go with other office mates. Sage Intacct’s Advantage hit record numbers this year in customers, prospects, VARS, and ISV partners attending. Everyone anxious to learn about the roadmap and meet the Executive team. Even with large numbers, it is easy to walk to up to Rob Reid, Taylor MacDonald, Dan Miller, Arron Harris or any of the executive team and have insightful conversations. It really makes a person feel like they are part of the fabric of this huge community. I applaud Sage Intacct for their open communications and style of networking.

5. Fun – Who said accountants can’t be fun! It is true, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and I think many agreed that what happens in Nashville should stay in Nashville as well. SSI Consulting hosted a customer happy hour at the American Craft Tavern of the Gaylord, and I believe it is the best customer event we have ever had. Not only did we get to spend quality time with our customers, but we were able to have fun and introduce a few new people to our growing SSi Family of clients. There is something to be said for acting silly and line dancing with your coworkers that goes a long way building your team relationships and our sense of community.

Thanks Again

Thank you to Sage Intacct and to SSi Consulting for allowing me to attend this wonderful conference! I hope to see everyone at next year’s Sage Intacct Advantage!

Suzy Zgorski
Assistant Vice President