do what you love

Not every company needs to be the next Amazon or Microsoft. Many companies start out small and remain small and that is a business decision the owner’s consciously make. I have worked at larger companies and smaller companies and I prefer smaller companies where I can make the most impact.

I have been reading a book by Paul Jarvis called “Company of One”, it is all about working towards having your best company and not the largest company. Even though SSi Consulting is not the largest company in our space, we consistently are ranked as one of the Best companies in our field, and for that I am very proud.

Working for the best

Again, this year, I am not even sure how many years in a row, we have made the Bob Scott Var Stars list , and we get recognized as a leader in our space and for our accomplishments in helping companies with accounting technology. In 2018, we were also recognized by Sage Intacct for being a leader among our peers by earning the Presidents Club award for our continued growth and success. I am thankful to be a part of the team that strives for helping our clients through innovative quality work.

I have been with SSi Consulting since joining them as a Sales Consultant back in 2003. What attracted me to SSi Consulting in the first place was the family friendly atmosphere, the passion for helping clients and dedication to quality. We believe in our products and services and our customers success as our driving force.

Over the course of the last 16 years, I have helped numerous customers select, implement and utilize technology to improve their lives and push forward their mission. Also, in the last 16 years there have been changes at SSi Consulting and in my life. I left SSi twice and returned twice having tried other companies and even taking a year sabbatical. Why do I come back? Our company culture brings me back each time. Studies show that having purpose in your job and bringing your strengths to your job each day lead you to success and I am so lucky that SSi Consulting has a culture that matches my strengths for helping others and lifelong learning! Two of my passions. Working in technology provides many opportunities for learning every day.

Congratulations to all my fellow SSi Consulting family members for continuing our journey together and improving the organizations we work with through technology!

Suzy Zgorski
Assistant Vice President, Business Development