Unanet: Project Accounting Software

Yesterday I had the pleasure of seeing a sneak peek of the latest version of Unanet coming out later in February. The team at Unanet really have a passion for helping Government Contractors manage their projects, handle their service purchasing and finances. Unanet also handles DCAA compliant reporting. Like many software vendors, the Unanet community is strong and vocal on items that could improve their lives and Unanet works hard to deliver.

Here are some of my favorite new features we can look forward to this spring:

• New User Interface – The new user interface is rolling out which looks clean and really opens the real estate on your screen. Simple changes and new icons allow you to easily access information with less clicks and allows you to manage your work load better.

• New User Types – over 14 new user types have been added to the system to help organizations better manage who has access to see and do what. The level of attention to common scenarios allows the Unanet Administrative User to really slice and dice the permissions so that even companies with role sharing and multiple responsibility levels will have no problem securing their data.

• Reporting options have been increased so that with just the click of a radio button or the entry of a selection criteria, the same report can be focused into the data and allow you to drill down to the details you need at that moment.

• Purchasing includes an excellent matching workflow to reduce data entry! If you use subcontractors, the workflow between the Purchase Requisition, Subcontractors time records, Purchase order and Vendor invoice are handled automatically. Not only does this reduce time for accounting but it also allows your project managers real time insight to your committed costs and the remaining balance on a project as the time is entered. No more worries about going over budget because the time wasn’t reconciled to the correct purchase order!

We’ve got you covered!

With the government shutdown affecting many organizations in a negative way, it is great to see that Unanet has your back and is dedicated to making your accounting and project management tasks easier.

Want to learn more about Unanet? Check out our webinar on January 23rd at 11am EST – you can register here.

Suzy Zgorski
Assistant Vice President, Business Development