What a difference a day can make. Yesterday the weather was sunny and dare I say hot. Within 24 hours the winds shifted to come out of the north and now the temperate will likely not get above 60 degrees. We are experiencing the tail end of winds from hurricane Michael. To all of my friends and colleagues who have been affected by this devastating storm, please know you are in my thoughts and prayers.

As I get older and reflect on my career and life, I am always amazed how things come full circle. Who would have thought that bell bottoms and fanny packs would ever be fashionable again? When it comes to technology, I started working in the client / server environments. Yes, you may recall the “dumb” terminals. For those too young to remember, a dumb terminal is a display monitor that has no processing capabilities. It is simply an output device that accepts data from the CPU. Then came the powerful CPUs and laptops. How about Y2K? Again, for those too young to remember, the year 2000 was known as the Millennium bug, or Y2K, it was a class of computer bugs related to the formatting and storage of calendar data for dates beginning the year 2000. Hard to image the “fear” surrounding the turn of the century.

The Future is Today

Today I am blown away by the technology that is being released by Microsoft. The intelligent edge and intelligent cloud is something I have not yet even begun to be able to grasp and the amazing things this trend will likely change our day to day lives.

I came across this short (3:43) video on a blog written by Kevin Scott, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft. If you remember shoulder pads, hair perms and the first PC, you must watch this video. I promise it will make you smile!

Somethings will never go out of style, “The Times They Are-a-Changin” was a song written by Bob Dylan and released in 1964. Would love to hear what technology (or fashion trend) you remember for the 80s.

Karen Riordan, Vice President