The efficiency of nonprofit employees and volunteers can often be estimated by the efficiency of your technology. If your team must enter the same data, repeatedly, from one management solution into another, then they are wasting valuable time. In addition, as data is transcribed, there is an increased potential for errors which can cause problems down the road. Save time and protect data integrity with a better accounting solution.

Nonprofit organizations often work on limited budgets and strive to show fiscal responsibility; however, that doesn’t mean you should skimp on your financial management technology. The more time you spending handling important data, the less time you have to focus on your mission. In addition, you can’t show fiscal responsibility when tracking expenses, especially those associated with grant-funded projects, in simple spreadsheets or entry-level accounting software. Download “7 Great Reasons that Nonprofits are Moving to the Cloud,” an infographic, to see how the right technology can provide the control and insight nonprofit organizations need to meet the highest standards of stewardship.

An integrated financial management solution, such as Intacct®, can reduce the time you and your team spend on entering data. Automated workflows streamline data entry for important tasks including membership and grant management, managing multiple budgets, accounting processes, and payroll. Workflows also improve the consistency and accuracy of those data-entry procedures, ensuring that your staff and volunteers are entering data properly and that the data is being reviewed and approved by the appropriate managers. Intacct also offers remote access, which allows your people to enter data into Intacct from nearly anywhere and at any time. As a result, you can use your real-time financial data to ensure compliance with the often strict spending guidelines for grant-funded projects, for example.

The less time you spend on entering data, the more time you have to use it. Replace inadequate software with integrated, more efficient solutions to streamline data-entry, protect data integrity, and improve productivity. Download “7 Great Reasons that Nonprofits are Moving to the Cloud” and contact SSi Consulting to learn how your nonprofit can improve operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and gain valuable insight with the right technology.