Socks from Sage Intacct conference

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I just returned from another #SageIntacct partner conference and am happy I am part of such a great network of professionals! Not only did I learn about more great features coming from Sage Intacct but I got to know some of the Market partners better that support the Sage Intacct Best in Class vision.

One of my favorite vendor gifts this year is from #FloQast, the folks that help you close your books faster. The gift of socks. Yes, socks! Not your typical give away and not your typical product. This project strives to:

  1. Help finance close the books faster
  2. Document and streamline communication between the team members
  3. Allow for attachments and reconciliation documents so everything is in one spot
  4. And monitor and alert if you get out of sync, which can delay the close process

Not only an ingenious product to add to your cloud portfolio but also a very nice group of folks.

FloQuast Report

All though I won’t be in Edinburgh celebrating St. Patty’s Day this weekend as I was last year. I will be sure to wear my new #FloQast socks when celebrating St. Patty’s’ Day in Chapel Hill this year. Go Tar Heels! Happy St. Patty’s day!

Suzy Zgorski