5 Reasons the Intacct purchase makes sense to Sage!

Is SAGE coming back to ERP??  Some say they never left, but after seeing the results of some low-end SAGE offerings such as MAS 90, MAS 200 and MAS???, users have a right to be a little skeptical.

The truth is their X3 product is an excellent (read TOP 10) product and many resellers are selling it briskly. It gets nice reviews.

And now they will own Intacct, the industry leader in fully cloud based systems (yes, I believe it outpaces the NetSuite collection of products). And they paid a pretty price, which shows the value of what Intacct has built. Intacct wins 64% of the time when they are compared to NetSuite!

SAGE says they will leave the Intacct management team in place along with development. Intacct has built their offering over the last 19 years and has 11,000 firms utilizing their products. They have also built a world class partner channel and although they sell direct, they expect most of their business to come from partners going forward. Intacct treats its partners and customer well and that is promised to continue.

What’s the Intacct secret sauce?

First, it’s all in the cloud. You can start designing your system the same day you decide on the product.¬† No IT resources consumed, no servers to purchase, no hosting to arrange. Big ROI right away.

Second, no upgrades. Everyone has paid maintenance fees for years, but then delayed installation of the new version due to cost and down time. In the Intacct world, customers get a video link a few months prior to publishing new features. Then on the release date, everyone WORLDWIDE is using the latest and greatest features that day. Huge return on investment there.

Third, Dashboards, Dashboards, Dashboards  everyone wants them and they need to be friendly. In the Intacct world, they are well designed and powerful.

Fourth, graphical design. Who likes reading the manual? Why can’t we have a chart that shows us the logical steps to execute a transaction in a pleasing visual way? Intacct has that.

Fifth, ok, I could keep going, but you get the picture. Intacct should be on everyone’s evaluation list. It’s a game changer. And the SAGE purchase will only mean more resources will be deployed to make it an even better solution.

Let me know your experience. I would love to share it with others.

Bill Aiton, President
SSi Consulting, Tyson Corner, Virginia