the risks of software integration

How many of you have worked for a company where one of your divisions had to use a certain software because it was “included”? A great manufacturing solution which “includes” accounting or a good accounting solution that “includes” CRM or AMS. You can’t be great at all things. So how do you find the best solution for each part of your business and have them all integrate?

Integrations can be a scary thing and often, in theory, it sounds better than it turns out to be. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Most modern-day systems recognize the need for integrating into other mission critical applications and have built their solutions to handle this need. If you are running a legacy ERP product, chances are integrations are really an import/export of files.

For example, Sage Intacct has an open API based on structured XML-RPC, a common industry standard. This means that making data calls can be easily accomplished. Leveraging a partner like SSi Consulting that has written multiple integrations and that is familiar with the data structure can make the process much easier. Now that you have this awesome integration working and your systems are talking, then it is time to upgrade. Many of us remember the upgrade process. Start with a review, maybe you will be required to buy new hardware, create a test environment, then hope that your wonderful integrations work after the upgrade. Often, they just don’t work as they once did! This requires more development time, more downtime, and more expense. Good for your consulting firm but not good for you.

Product Upgrades

Sage Intacct guarantees that product upgrades will not break custom integrations and solutions. Let me repeat that, Sage Intacct guarantees that product upgrades will not break custom integrations and solutions. Sounds too good to be true, right? SSi Consulting has been supporting dozens of custom integrations within Sage Intacct, some complex bi-directional passing hundreds of transactions daily, some easy one- way push of data for statistical reporting. None of these have broken!

Sage Intacct pushes out new features and functionality about four times a year and not once has one of our customer integrations stopped working. If you are coming from an older legacy system, you are first asking yourself, “did she say upgrade 4 times per year”. Yes, that is correct. Today, with cloud computing, systems are architected in such a way that new features can be easily pushed out to all customers at one time.

The Sage Intacct solution is built on several tenets, delivering robust capabilities to empower a company to grow faster while being very efficient. The system is easy to use and easy to deploy which saves you more resources, time and money. And since most businesses are evolving and constantly changing, the system is highly flexible to accommodate that change. You don’t have to take my word for it. Gartner evaluated Sage Intacct and gave it the highest score of core financials for lower mid-sized enterprises.

Don’t be afraid of integrations, choose the best solution and work with a strong integration partner like SSi Consulting. We can help you accomplish the goal of choosing the best solutions for your company and ensuring they are successfully integrated.

Karen Riordan