Are you working “smart” or are you working “hard”. Remember the saying, work smarter, not harder? I recently attended a conference session around personal productivity tools. It was quite embarrassing as after each tool was presented, the group was asked if they used that particular tool. After a 90-minute presentation, I raised my hand zero times. I used none of the top personal productivity tools. Before you start judging, I must first defend myself by stating the presenter was younger then my grand-daughter. YIKES. Either I am getting old or the young are getting smarter.

One my goals for 2019 will be to adopt and become a raving fan of at least two new personal productivity tools. During the year, I will share my progress as we all know that putting your goals on paper and then sharing updates will help you achieve them. (This rule is true except for around weight loss.)

Productivity Tools

First tool, a password manager. Now, I am not one of the types that makes my password the same for all my logins, keeps a list of my passwords on the refrigerator, or am I? A few came up, but I would like to get your input on which is best. Right now, I am leaning toward LastPass.  I am not opposed to paying a monthly fee if the app keeps my passwords secure without making my day to day logins more complicated. After all, my goal is to make my life easier (and in this case more secure).

Second tool is for managing your day to day activities; one that a majority of the attendees are using is todolist.  I understand the premise of this type of tool, organizing and putting in one place all my lists and tasks, etc. but am concerned about the synchronization. Something I need to research further (but also appreciate your insights).

Lastly, and probably the most critical, is Microsoft Teams.  Our company is leveraging Teams and we have multiple channels where we are can store and share information. Microsoft also calls it a “group chat” software. I am going to learn and become an evangelist (or a power user or at least a user).

What productivity tools are you using? Before I close, when asked what tool(s) I use, I simply held up my notebook and pen. Old school, but still #1 in my book.

Karen Riordan
Vice President