Working on a shoestring budget isn’t easy, any nonprofit can attest to that. In addition, monitoring spending in accordance with strict grant limitations can be challenging, especially with entry-level accounting solutions. Instead of pinching pennies, make sure you are reaching financial goals by monitoring money with a more robust accounting solution.

Most nonprofit organizations are familiar with providing products and services to their membership or the community with minimal funding. When relying on inconsistent funding sources such as grants, donations, and membership fees, there may be times when money is tight and you get used to questioning every expenditure in an effort to make every dollar count. While there is something to be said for pinching pennies, you can also stretch your dollars. Download “7 Great Reasons that Nonprofits are Moving to the Cloud,” an infographic, to learn how to make your money work harder by implementing an accounting solution that offers greater business control and insight.

Nonprofit organizations can benefit from a more powerful accounting solution, such as Intacct®, that offers professional-strength functionality with insightful business intelligence. You can manage all of your financial data from this single, integrated solution including multiple grant programs, donations, membership income, and expenditures. With all of your financial data within a single solution, you can enter and access data quicker and easier as well as use the powerful business intelligence features in order to gain actionable insight throughout your nonprofit organization. Innovative forecasting and budgeting tools built in Intacct can support your efforts to plan programs and services that make the best use of limited funding sources. You can also analyze other operations, such as specific programs or services, and determine whether those services are an efficient use of resources and are meeting your nonprofit’s goals or mission.

Greater insight into your finances and operations can help align financial activities with your strategic goals – essentially making your money work harder. Download “7 Great Reasons that Nonprofits are Moving to the Cloud” and contact SSi Consulting to learn how to take pinching pennies to the next level and really put your money to work.