Is it time to move your accounting to the Cloud?

According to the most recent industry data, 60% to 70% of businesses will make a Cloud decision in the next two years.  About 90% of business will have some business applications in the cloud in 2018.  Personal cloud computing is on the rise as well. Per the Business Insider, Amazon added tens of millions of new paid member in 2016. ‘ Intacct, a true-cloud accounting solution, has grown to 13,000 customers in the last decade, making it one of the leaders in cloud business management solutions.’

Those are a lot of statistics, but what do they mean? In my opinion, the Cloud revolution is in full force. The Cloud has become a mature product; the years have proven the challenges and benefits of cloud solutions.  Again, a true statement, but what does that mean to the accounting professional who is looking to move to the Cloud. It isn’t easy to go from a traditional on-premise accounting product to a Cloud solutions like Intacct.  There are new processes to adopt, a new way of thinking about your business.

Things to think about as you consider moving your ERP to the Cloud:

Security:  Companies like Intacct provide the most advanced technology to ensure that your data is safe.  There are countless risks with traditional on-premise software, including single server data storage, lack of backup and disaster recovery plans.

Accessibility:  Log into your data anytime, anywhere.  If there is an Internet connection, you can login to your data.  No longer do you have to feel out of touch when you are not in the office, use your Smartphone, Tablet or other device that has an internet connection.

No Upgrades:  Actually, you get more updates with Cloud offerings then with traditional software, they are part of the subscription.  No longer do you need to be out of the system, pay weekend rates, higher expensive consultants just to take advantage of new features.

I would be interested in learning about your plan to move your ERP to the Cloud.

Karen Riordan