Digital Transformation

It is an exciting time to be working with CFOs and CIOs regarding their digital transformation. With every advance in technology comes a new attitude. Just a few years ago, the biggest concern the CFO had moving their systems to the cloud was security, today the number one reason they want to move to the cloud is improved security. Times are changing and that means it’s time to rethink your data and technology roadmap.

We are part of a technology transformation that affects everything we do. No longer is work 9:00 – 5:00, five days a week. With mobile devices, we are always on. There is the perception that responses must be immediate, regardless of the time of day or the day of the week. Business is always open.

Business is always changing!

In January 2018, SSi became part of Menlo Technologies, a global service company specializing in cloud integration, data management  and mobile technology development. Being part of a technology firm provides SSi Consulting and our customers to a team of web and mobile development experts; and, some of the best system integrators around. That’s not just me saying that this week Menlo Technologies was recognized by Clutch, a B2B research firm. Clients of Menlo Technologies have praised them for their technical and creative abilities to solve problems.

How can we help you leverage these skill-sets? If you have multiple mission-critical solutions running your business and they are not integrated, we can help. Silos of information mean duplicate data entry, which is error-prone and delays getting information out to support timely decision making.

We recognize that software cannot be one-size fits all.

That is one reason we leverage the extensive financial capabilities of Sage Intacct and integrate them with other mission-critical business applications. This best-of-breed approach ensures you are getting the best applications to run all areas of your business. Having a world class ERP solution is critical when producing auditable financial reports or for your financial institutions.

Extracting data from multiple systems to produce reports within Excel is an error waiting to happen. Imagine the results when just one formula within Excel is wrong, let’s face it we have all be there. A research report was recently done by Ventana Research that discusses other pitfalls. Instead, leverage the best applications to manage the operations of your business.

If you require the feature sets of a supply chain, manufacturing, or PSA tool, you have the freedom to pick the best fit for your company operations. Knowing that regardless of the decision, the SSi team will integrate the systems delivering the best applications to run your business. And with the accounting solution from Sage Intacct, the preferred business cloud application of AICPA, you will have the financial information to make smart decisions in real-time, anywhere, and anytime.

No longer does one part of your business need to have a second-class application. Why accept your one-size fits all solution that may be great for manufacturing but can’t handle your accounting?

Don’t settle, get the best

Contact me to learn how SSi can create an integrated business environment that delivers real-time data, decision making dashboards, accurate reports, and data security to your executive team.

Karen Riordan, Vice President SSi Consulting

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