Government Contractors

Improve project efficiencies with DCAA Compliant ERP

The SSi Consulting team specializes in delivering solutions that help government contractors more efficiently manage project and financial accounting to meet DCAA requirements.

Agile solution supports rapid new business growth

When government contractors experience a spike in growth, it can affect productivity and make reporting more challenging. Without the right software solution, this bottleneck can hurt your organization in many areas.

Guarantee federal compliance and commercial success

Our ERP solutions help Government Contractors comply with Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) while allowing them to also work with commercial entities. This provides the opportunity to manage indirect cost pools, providing insight to profitability and allowing more attention to service deliverables. SL is built to handle your specific government-contractor needs today as well as your company’s future growth needs.

Customer Success Stories

Company saves $1000/ month with electronic invoicing.

"Microsoft Dynamics GP offered the flexibility and reporting capabilities that we needed, and it came at a price that was extremely attractive to us as a nonprofit."

-United Way Chris Keightly, United Way Worldwide

"The power duo of Dynamics SL and Unanet provide us the sophistication to…effectively manage our service delivery organization."

Copper River IT Brian Anthony, VP of Operations

"We needed a business partner who was able to dive in, understand our issues and help us plan for the future."

-Mt. Vernon Phil Manno, Chief Financial Officer

With the help of SSi Consulting, Red Gate Group has:

  • A cloud-based ERP system at a fraction of the cost of a Tier 1 project-cost system
  • Eliminated 100 hours per month of manual reporting and journal entry work
  • No capital investment in server hardware and no dedicated IT staff
  • Support for a remote workforce poised for exponential growth
  • One predictable, cost effective payment each month

"With Intacct’s on-demand solution, TM Forum can effectively use the Web to manage a distributed global organization and multiple currencies."

-TM Forum

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