I think all of us can agree that we all dread going to the DMV for any reason. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of visiting the DMV near my house in Virginia. Thoughts of the Zootopia movie kept flashing through my mind, putting a smile on my face! If you haven’t seen the Disney movie, it captures the essence of the DMV in a very funny scene. Check it out here.

The good news about sitting at the DMV was that I had my phone with me and could spend the time productively thanks to SSi Consulting’s commitment to technology for the processes and programs we use to manage our business.

Getting it done anywhere

While I was waiting for my A11 number to be called, I could Check off my to do list:

  •  Log into Unanet and enter my recent expenses on my phone and even take a picture of the receipts and attaching them. I quickly had my expenses submitted for approval. We use Unanet software for all our time and expense and managing our projects. Done
  •  Log into MSCRM and update a few accounts with the latest calls and updates I have made. MSCRM quickly loads my dashboard of opportunities and task list so I know who to follow up with when. Done
  •  Log into my Sage Intacct Demo site and check out the latest video on the Non-Profit Digital Board Book. Sage Intacct has new releases every quarter and love exploring the innovative features that are being released!  Done
  • While in Sage Intacct research a question about budgeting down to the department level for one of our clients. Email sent to the client with screen shots and answers. Done

Luckily my A11 number came up and off I went to finish up the business at the DMV. Who says you can’t be productive when you are out of the office! Thank you to SSi Consulting for embracing technology and allowing me to work from anywhere!

Suzy Zgorski, Assistant Vice President