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Microsoft recently announced Dynamics 365, their new multi-tenant cloud based accounting product.   The official kick off was at the GPUG conference in Tampa, FL in October 2016. This was a group of 8,000 happy users of the traditional Great Plans (GP) and NAV (Navision) accounting products. Dynamics 365 seemed to be a brief question, largely ignored by attendees, who were there to learn about their current products.

The Dynamics SL (Solomon) user group met separately in September, 2016 in San Diego. 500 users met and shared success stories and technical sessions for three days. It was the largest conference in that groups history. Both GPUG and DSLUG conferences have grown since Microsoft abandoned their Convergence Conference, started by the insightful Great Plains founder, Doug Bergum in 1996 (there were 100 attendees!). Convergence grew to be an exciting conference of over 14,000 before Microsoft abandoned it.

My point is that Microsoft is fishing in a different pond these days – Dynamics 365, and the future will vote on that technology. However, the user community is still using their traditional products, adding integrated solutions and still attending robust community gatherings. In the US, GP is the largest accounting product in use (over 50,000 + users) while SL is second with 10,000+ users.

If you are interested in these feature rich, mature and well supported products, by all means, reach out to one of the experienced partners that have helped organizations implement systems (full disclosure – my firm has implemented hundreds of GP and SL solutions). Right now, Dynamics 365 is the flashy, shiny new toy on the Microsoft shelf. It’s also the bleeding edge and much needs to be added and settled before it provides a solid financial software foundation for most organizations.

We sure live in interesting times for financial software solutions. And those uses of the Great Plains (GP) and Solomon (SL) solutions are vibrant and successful. Attend one of their user conferences this fall and see what I mean (search for GPUG and DSLUG). I’ll see you there!

Bill Aiton

President, SSi Consulting