From previous posts I have openly shared my “old school” way of doing things; for instance, note taking with paper and pen (ink pen, non-digital). I love technology and how it can make positive changes on our businesses. But sometimes, the technology buzz is just that buzz. Some of the most overused technology terms (in my opinion) like collaborate or disruption become overused words that deliver no relevance. Is digital transformation another one of those phrases that will become an answer on Jeopardy?

So, what is digital transformation? Personally, I like the way Microsoft has defined the term: Digital transformation is about reimagining how you bring together people, data and processes to create value for your customers and maintain a competitive advantage in a digital-first world.

Why do I believe Microsoft gets the definition right?

Whatever technology is here or coming, you cannot leave out or address the effect it will have on people. It is us the people who consume information, whether from a written note pad or a device. If and when a new technology transforms the way we live our day to day lives, then it changes the way we make decisions about our businesses and our lives.

Everyone has a smart phone, I am amazed at how many people have more then one phone. The news I read everyday on my phone is a feed from a variety of outlets. I don’t want to get the input from one source but want to read insight from multiple sources. When analyzing data for business, the data must also come from multiple sources. For example, to get a 360-degree view of a customer, you must have sales data as well as financial and support details. This information must be delivered real time and be available when and where a business executive needs it.

My example above is a simple one and is not necessarily a new idea, but can Microsoft and the Digital Transformation actually make my life better by providing me with a means to consume data when and where I need it? Will the Digital Transformation provide me, as a data consumer, access to information about a product or service which will help me make the best purchase decision?

 Future in digital transformation

I am looking forward to a transformational way of living life. Good luck Microsoft, I hope the Digital Transformation lives up to the hype. You have my interest, now lets get to transforming.

Karen Riordan
Vice President