If you’re doing your budgeting & planning in Excel, you’re not alone. Roughly 90% of companies with 50 to 200 employees use it to budget and plan. But, at a certain point, you start to outgrow Excel and could be missing out on the benefits that a budgeting and planning solution can provide.

You could streamline your planning, increase collaboration, and run a more strategic process. Here are a few reasons why you’ve outgrown Excel:

• Managing your budget requires a lot of tactical work.
• Only one person in the company knows how it works.
• You don’t trust your data.
• Excel wasn’t meant to handle real-time collaboration.

Signs you have outgrown Excel

Read more on what you might be missing in the “8 Signs You Have Outgrown Excel for Budgeting and Planning” whitepaper. If you’ve heard any of the quotes on this white paper from your colleagues, it’s a sign that you might be outgrowing Excel.

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Suzy Zgorski
Assistant Vice President