Why I love Sage Intacct software

Friends that know me see how happy I am representing @SageIntacct software for SSi Consulting. I often get the question, “What do you like best about Sage Intacct?” I thought I would share my top 5 features with you:

  1. Dashboards – I am visual person and digest information much quicker when it is presented in a graph or chart. The Dashboards in Sage Intacct allow a quick view each time you log in. It also allows you to tweak the items displayed on your dashboard without having a programmer to get it to work! The Drill down capability quickly lets you answer questions so you don’t have to bother the accounting team. Are you a visual learner also?
  2. Access anywhere, anytime! I love working remote and with traffic in the DC area, as well as many cities around the country many more people are working remote. For me, it is the only way to work! Sage Intacct makes it easy with access from anywhere, anytime and from any device. No more having to haul my laptop to appointments and into the office, I can just take my tablet or view things on my phone. What would it mean for you to be able to work remote?
  3. Audit Trails – whether it is CRM or Accounting, I like to know who did what on the account or with the transaction. Intacct makes it easy using the “Big 3” – Collaborate, Attachments and the Audit logs. I can put notes and see all the communication using Collaborate (and see it on my dashboard), I can drill into the transactions and see any attachments and back up correspondence. Finally, through the Audit feature, I can see who has touched what transaction and when. Do you spend time tracking down attachments or researching transactions, maybe you should try Sage Intacct?
  4. Reporting – Having a report writer “live” in the software that doesn’t require you to “rebuild the Data Mart” or log into a different system is great! Having the reports I use on a daily and weekly basis right in my Favorites menu means that I am not hunting and pecking to find what I need. Do you still use Excel for reporting? Maybe you should check out Sage Intacct reporting.

Can you guess what number 5 is?

No, not the ability to track multi-entities with automatic due to/due from transactions – all though our customers love that! No, not the ability to do multi-currency and have the rates updated automatically – all though our customer love that too!

Ta Da! Number 5 is the Sage Intacct Community! I love the ecosystem all the way from the Customers, Partners, Marketplace Vendors all the way up to the Executive Leaders. Sage Intacct is truly a family and everyone is helpful and engaged!

Want to learn more about Sage Intacct – click here to register for our 30 minute overview. Or contact me at szgorski@ssiconsulting.com